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A Well Behaved Dog Starts With Just One Call

Voted #1 Dog Trainer In Kansas City By The Editors Of Dog Problems Magazine.

A Well Behaved Dog Starts With Just One Call

Voted #1 Dog Trainer In Kansas City By The Editors Of Dog Problems Magazine.


The Best Dog Training Experts in Greenwood, MO

Board & Train

Our #1 Training Program. The Ultimate option for training your dog, our doggy boarding school. This option takes all the guess work out of the equation for you, and allows us to focus all our attention on your dog and their manners.

Doggy Boarding

Offered to any of our current or former clients. Whether you are going out of town for a few days or a week, we have you covered. Best of all, while you are on vacation, your dog will be getting a refresher on all their obedience skills so that they will be even better than when you left.

Private Training

1-on-1 training held at our training facility. This option allows you to participate fully in the training experience. You will learn as your dog learns. Our private training is most beneficial to those who are 100% committed to working with their dog daily.

Bronze Paw

This is our 1-week board & train option (M-F). Our 1 week program we focus on establishing a solid foundation of high level basic obedience (Come, Sit, Stay, Place, Off, Loose Leash Walking). We work to fix nuisance behaviors (Jumping, Digging, Chewing, Licking, Barking, Biting, Counter Surfing, Leash Pulling). Our goal is to implement a solid foundation in this program that sets the dog up perfectly for our Silver Paw Program

Silver Paw Program

Our Silver Paw Program is by far our most popular training option. This is our 10-day training program, and is our recommendation for most dogs. Dogs are with us Monday-Friday and go home for the weekend. Then come back for a follow-up week to proof their training. This program will give you a dog that not only knows the commands you are giving but understands how to be a better dog and makes good choices on their own.

Gold Paw Program

Our ultimate training program, taking your dog through foundational obedience, introducing them to distractions and proofing them around the most intense distractions. One of our biggest goals with this program is to provide a dog that after some practice with their owners, will walk great on leash, will come when called and ignore all distractions out in public, and work reliably off leash.

Get to Know Kansas City K9 Academy

Who We Are

Why focus on obedience training? Obedience is one of the most important factors when it comes to correcting bad behaviors and preventing future problems. That’s where Kansas City K9 Academy comes in.

We want to help you and your dog develop a long and healthy relationship. One of the most common reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters is due to behavior issues according to The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We’ll get your dog on track to be well-mannered, and give you the skills to continue training at home. From basic puppy training to advanced obedience, Kansas City K9 Academy is fast and effective!

The truth is that obedience training helps create a stronger bond between dog and owner. It also helps establish rules and boundaries for the dog, which can be especially helpful if you have a rambunctious pet.

Additionally, obedience training can help minimize behavioral issues and make it easier to train your dog in other areas. In short, obedience training should be a key part of any dog’s education – whether they are being trained for work or just as a pet.

Kansas City K9 Academy is here to help.

Do you feel like your dog is out of control and you don’t know what to do? It’s time to call an experienced dog trainer. If you’re searching for a professional who can help with obedience training, then we are here to help!

We offer customized programs that will benefit both your dog and yourself. Plus, our trainers have experience with all types of breeds so whether it’s a German Shepherd or a Yorkie, we’ve got this covered! There is no more need to feel frustrated or embarrassed by your dog’s behavior, and best of all, there is no need to consider giving up your dog.

Call us today at 816-744-6444 or fill out the form to get started with a free consultation and evaluation.

Read What Our Clients Have to Say!

Ryan was great! Upon my initial call he came to our home to meet us and our dog. He went over his recommendations and what to expect. When we arrived at the facility to drop off our dog I was impressed at how well kept and clean it was. Ryan was great with sending updates throughout the week. When we picked up our dog I couldn’t believe how much he had learned. Ryan spent time going over everything with us to make sure we knew exactly what to do. The program was definitely a success and I would highly recommend Kansas City K9 Academy!

- Shannon Weller-Husted

We have a 6 year-old pit bull and he spent a week with Ryan and we have seen incredible results. Our dog not only received great training, we as owners also received a training session from Ryan as well in order to ensure we keep seeing results! He was excellent at communicating with us throughout the entire process and sent us updates during the week. We are extremely happy with our experience, we highly recommend!

- Rachel Ferencz

I just picked up my puppy from KCK9 Academy yesterday and to say I am impressed is putting it mildly! Tucker spent one week at the training center and it’s amazing what Ryan taught him! He responds to my commands and is so much more behaved since Ryan has worked with him. I’m disabled so I can’t really walk him on a leash but I take him out in the back yard and we go through the commands that I can do. My grandson came over and walked him today and he said he did very well. He has a new job as my dog walker!

- Vicki Morse

Ryan did an excellent job with our 1 year old Lab Mix who had been showing signs of aggression and a great ability to ignore any rules or commands. After 1 week at K9 Academy there has been a complete turn around and we are looking forward to a happy healthy future with our pup.

- Danielle Flanigan

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Most Asked Questions

Send us a message with any specific questions you may have. In the meantime, check out our FAQ below!

Hiring a professional dog trainer for obedience training is crucial if you feel your dog is out of control. Obedience training is a key factor in correcting behavioral issues and preventing future problems. Our experienced trainers at Kansas City K9 Academy offer customized programs for various breeds, ensuring a positive and effective training experience.

Our trainers at Kansas City K9 Academy have experience with all types of breeds, from German Shepherds to Yorkies. Regardless of your dog’s breed, we have the expertise to address and tailor our training programs to meet their specific needs.

Obedience training creates a stronger bond between dog and owner, establishes rules and boundaries, and helps correct behavioral issues. It also provides you with essential skills to continue training at home, ensuring a long and healthy relationship with your canine companion.

Obedience training is suitable for all dogs, regardless of their behavior issues. Whether you have a puppy in need of basic training or a more mature dog with advanced obedience needs, Kansas City K9 Academy offers fast and effective training solutions.

According to The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, behavior issues are one of the most common reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters. Obedience training from Kansas City K9 Academy focuses on addressing these issues, getting your dog on track to be well-mannered, and providing you with the skills to continue training at home, ultimately strengthening the bond between you and your pet.


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