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Master Distraction with Unlimited Group Classes

Elevate Your Dog's Training with Lifetime Access to Group Classes

At Kansas City K9 Academy, we’re proud to offer our unique Unlimited Group Classes, exclusively available to our current and former board & train clients. These classes aren’t just any ordinary group sessions; they’re a commitment to lifelong learning and improvement for your dog, ensuring they maintain focus and obedience amidst a world full of distractions. Hosted in the scenic Miller J. Fields park in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, our group classes provide the perfect backdrop for practicing and perfecting the skills your dog has learned, all within a structured and safe environment.

Who Benefits from Unlimited Group Classes?

Unlimited Group Classes are designed for:

  • Board & Train Graduates: Dogs who have completed our Bronze, Silver, or Gold Paw Programs and are looking to reinforce their training.
  • Owners Seeking Continued Improvement: Pet owners interested in providing their dogs with ongoing opportunities to socialize and learn in a controlled setting.
  • Dogs with Reactivity: Offering a safe space for owners of reactive dogs to work on behavior in a supportive, understanding environment.

What Makes Our Group Classes Stand Out?

  • Focus on Distraction Training: From moderate distractions like other dogs and people to extreme distractions unique to outdoor settings, we ensure your dog can stay focused on you.
  • Monthly Sessions: Held once a month on a Saturday morning, our classes are a consistent touchpoint for you and your pet to engage in structured training.
  • Location: Nestled in the beautiful Miller J. Fields park, our classes enjoy a serene setting that’s perfect for learning and practicing new skills.
  • Safety and Structure: We prioritize a controlled environment where even reactive dogs can safely improve their obedience and social skills.

Why Enroll in Unlimited Group Classes?

Choosing our Unlimited Group Classes means investing in your dog’s ability to adapt and thrive in any situation. It’s about taking the skills learned during their board and train program to the next level, ensuring they’re not just temporary changes but lifelong habits. Here’s what makes these classes a must for every responsible dog owner:

  • Lifelong Learning: With unlimited access for the life of your dog, you can continually reinforce and build upon their training.
  • Distraction Mastery: Learn how to maintain your dog’s attention and obedience in real-world scenarios, a critical skill for any urban or active dog.
  • Controlled Reactivity: For owners of reactive dogs, these classes offer a golden opportunity to work on specific challenges in a supportive, structured environment.
  • Community: Join a community of like-minded pet owners who are committed to providing the best training and care for their dogs.

Expectations for Participation

Participants in our Unlimited Group Classes can expect:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced trainers will be there to guide you and your dog through each session, offering personalized tips and feedback.
  • Progress: With regular attendance, you’ll see marked improvements in your dog’s ability to handle distractions and follow commands, even in challenging environments.
  • Support: Benefit from the collective wisdom and support of a community that understands and shares your commitment to your dog’s well-being.

Join Our Unlimited Group Classes Today

Ready to commit to your dog’s ongoing training and development? Our Unlimited Group Classes in Lee’s Summit are the perfect opportunity to reinforce their training, tackle new challenges, and enjoy the journey of lifelong learning together. Contact Kansas City K9 Academy to learn more about how you can take advantage of this exclusive offering and continue to build a strong, obedient, and happy relationship with your dog.