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Private Training Lessons: 3 Lesson Program

Kansas City K9 Academy is here to help.

Our private lessons are 1-on-1 training held at our training facility. This option allows you to participate fully in the training experience. You will learn as your dog learns. Our private training is most beneficial to those who are 100% committed to working with their dog daily.

We develop a custom training program based on your needs, as well as your dog’s unique personality. This allows you to learn how best to train your dog without a professional. Private training programs also allow you to develop a stronger bond with your four-legged best friend!

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What are the benefits of private dog training?

Training Without Distractions

Most importantly, dog training is very specific to each dog’s needs. This means that private lessons are a great way to get your dog trained as quickly and effectively as possible. In addition, because there will be no distractions from other dogs during the private lesson it can help you and your pup learn faster!

Another benefit of going through private dog training with a certified trainer, instead of taking group classes or attempting it yourself at home, is that more individualized attention will be given during those one-on-one sessions without having to worry about getting lost in a crowd.

Because of this focus on both you and your pup, you’ll also have time for questions too! So if you’re looking to teach your dog some new skills, have a dog that needs obedience training, or just want to become more engaged with your pup, private lessons are the way to go!

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