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Doggy Bootcamp Training

Our 10-Day Board & Training Program

Our doggy bootcamp training are best suited for owners that do not have the time to regularly train their dog. This 10-day program is an extended version of the 5-day program with a heavy focus on obedience proofing.

Why do we focus so heavily on obedience training? Because developing overall obedience creates a more malleable dog, making it easier to continue training your dog. Obedience training sets the tone for acceptable dog behavior, improving your relationship with your pup for life!

The best time to schedule our 10-day board + train program is when you’re heading on vacation. You have peace of mind that your dog is watched over 24/7, with the added benefit of training, so you come home with a more well behaved pup! Contact Kansas City K9 Academy today to schedule a FREE consultation and temperament test!

Why Choose a Kansas City Board & Train Program?

Board + Train Programs Are Ideal Learning Environments

If you are in search of dog obedience training, then our board and train program might be best for you and your dog. Boarding your dog in one place where they will receive expert care is ideal when it comes to learning new behaviors or perfecting already learned ones.

Dogs that have been boarded with experts not only learn faster but tend to feel more secure knowing their owners aren’t around. Dogs learn commands and behaviors better at training facilities because the entire environment is geared toward training.

When dog owners send their dogs to training facilities, the dog is surrounded by other dogs that are learning. The dog will get exposure to different trainers and surroundings while also building social skills with other animals.

Contact Kansas City K9 Academy to discuss our training programs and see if we’re a good fit for you and your pup! We offer FREE consultations and temperament tests!