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Jumpstart Training Program

Our 5-Day Board & Training Program

Our jumpstart training program is an extensive 5-day board + train program. The program lasts from Monday-Friday and during this time dogs receive training 5-7 times throughout the day, while also enjoying fun activities.

Board & train programs are best for individuals or families that do not have the time for daily ongoing training. We focus on obedience, creating a more well behaved pup, and also setting behavior expectations for the duration of your relationship.

After we’re finished with your pup’s 5-day stay, they’ll be able to obey basic commands, making continued training much easier for you and your family. Contact Kansas City K9 Academy today for a FREE consultation!

Benefits of Board & Train Programs

Is Board + Training the Right Option for You?

All ages (puppy – senior) can benefit from board & train programs because they focus on teaching new behaviors through proper guidance and reinforcement tactics. Some of the main benefits of board + train programs are:

  • You’ll notice an improvement in your dog’s behavior almost immediately once they begin the training.
  • The customized programs that you receive will help to satisfy your individual needs and goals for your pup.
  • These programs help improve communication between you and your dog by helping you and your dog better understand one another.
  • Finally, dogs are happier when they have something to do, and your dog will have plenty of activities to enjoy during their stay.

If you’re interested in learning more about board + train options, speak to one of our certified dog trainers today!